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  • Transforming Communities, Reimagining Health - July 2016 Transforming Communities  With the rise in preventable disease both nationally and globally, communities are increasingly seen as the epicenter for sustainable solutions. There is an increased focus on communities to be the architects of health improvement. This trend towards community transformation speaks to the realization that health is local and that communities are […]
  • Taking a Wider View of Health in the Workplace - April 2016 When the La Crosse Medical Health Science Consortium first began considering how to improve the health of our community, one of the first tools we turned to was the health model developed by the University of Wisconsin’s Population Health Institute. With an initial goal of making our county the healthiest in the state, […]
  • How Employers Can Support and Promote Healthy Communities - February 2016 How Employers Can Support and Promote Healthy Communities There is an inextricable link between health, income and education. In general, the more education you have, the more income you’ll earn over your lifetime and higher education can translate into better health. According to the Robert Wood John Foundation’s (RWJF) Commission to Build a […]
  • Community Profile: All’s Well Waconia - January 2016  Thanks to Richard Scott, Sarah Urtel and Laura Dimler for sharing their insights on All’s Well Waconia. Visit the HWHC YouTube channel to watch the video clips of their interviews. “Working together through All’s Well Waconia has improved the quality of life in our community,” explained Richard Scott, director, grants and development for […]
  • We Are Better Together: Why Workplace Health IS Community Health - Several years ago, one of Prevention Partners’ board members grabbed my attention when he told a story describing why he and a few other visionary leaders in his county cared about the health of their community members, outside of just the four walls of their respective businesses. He explained that it cost 5 cents more […]
  • How will your organization respond to the call? - How will your organization respond to the call? The call for healthier communities is gaining steam across the country. From small towns to urban centers in all parts of the United States, leaders are working to improve the health—and the status—of their communities and the people who live and work there. Recently, Robert Wood Johnson […]
  • Hello world! - Welcome! This is the inaugural post for the newly launched Healthy Workplaces, Healthy Communities website. This website is devoted to advancing the development of public/private community wide health initiatives by providing resources, examples and insight on the topic. Much of the website content is devoted to employers interested in playing a role in improving the […]
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