Healthy Workplaces Healthy Communities is a national employer-community collaboration focused on better health. This initiative provides business and community leaders with practical tools and strategies for building support and investing in shared priorities. Because health and well-being is more than a nine-to-five proposition.

Case Study: Blue Zones Project

The Blue Zones Project by Healthways is a community well-being improvement initiative designed to make healthy choices easier through permanent changes to environment, policy, and social networks.  The Blue Zones Project is inspired by research about the regions of the world with the five highest concentrations of centenarians (people who live to be 100 years or older).  There are five Blue Zones regions:  Loma Linda, California; Okinawa, Japan; Nicoya, Costa Rica; Sardinia, Italy; and Ikaria, Greece.  The Blue Zones Project environmental approach to well-being improvement uses tools based on nine healthy lifestyle habits shared by the people living in the original Blue Zones areas.

Case Study: Robert Wood Johnson Foundation

The RWJF is the nation’s largest philanthropy devoted exclusively to health and health care. The foundation works with a diverse group of organizations and individuals to identify solutions and achieve comprehensive, measurable, and timely change.

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